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my style.....

"I consider my style to be my greatest strength in my work.  It is contemporary, it is loose and heavily dependent upon pencil and charcoal lines that provide movement and a raw sketch like feel that is still visible within an oil wash and heavier oil layers.  My subjects are emotional, intelligently wild and rendered from experience more that photo reference.  My style evokes the raw feel of an ephemeral watercolor but packs the permanency and power of a traditional oil painting."

Lay_Snow Blanket_03.jpg .jpg

"Snow Blanket" SOLD                                                                                                                24x48                                                                          

Lay_Mountain Gentleman_02jpg.jpg



_Wingtips_ 36x36 Sanders 2023.jpg

"Wingtips"       36x36   


The Wrangler 36x72 2023 Manitou.jpg

"The Wrangler"                                               36x72                                       

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