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Often, collectors become friends.  This painting of a bear with bluebirds was commissioned in the hopes of representing a very strong person (the bear) surrounded by the spirit (the bluebirds) of a departed loved one.  One of my favorite collaberations!

To commission an original piece of fine art is to collaborate with the artist to create something completely unique at the intersection of your visions. This is an intimate process. By the end, you will have a painting that could not have existed without you in Amy Lay's style.

Something to note about any commission: a fine artist is more than a hired hand. This final piece will be a collaboration, and will possess the contemporary nature and style that all Amy Lay paintings do. While she can work with a number of subjects, colors, sizes, and inspirations, creative license remains with Amy.

To get started, give Amy a call. These sales will go directly through Amy's studio, and will require 50% payment down and the remainder upon completion of the work. Please reference the price list below for a ball-park estimate of most common sizes.







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